Design Sprint Execution

Don't waste time and money solving the wrong problem. Validate the challenge you are trying to solve through a comprehensive web3 and/or traditional design sprint.


Rigorous research offering to help you identify and understand your target customer. Leverage data and research to uniquely position your company and product in the competitive landscape.

Business &
Product Strategy

Bonafide experts in bringing web3 products to market. NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, developer tooling - our team has done it all. Not just that, we'll help you craft your story and get you pitch perfect and prepared for investors.

Prototyping & Design

A la carte design and product prototyping services for all - whether you are starting from point zero, trying to get your idea into 3D form, or ready to launch MVP-1.


We offer safe and secure web3 smart contract development at web2 development costs. Your application will leverage the power of the Reach Platform.

Blockchain Advisory

Reach's CEO and CTO are recognized web3 visionaries. Get direct advice and one-on-one time with Reach's founders on your technology, product strategy, and economic model.

Training Services

Start with what you know: code, and we’ll teach your team everything they need to build on the blockchain along the way.
Services for Builders by Builders.

“This is a Testimonial: sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt”

Chris Swenor, CEO Reach Platform

Meet the Team

At Reach we are working to make blockchain mainstream and accessible.
That’s why we've gathered some of the best minds in Web3.

Chris Swenor
CEO & Co-founder

Chris has over 15-years of experience building software businesses and managing technical teams. After a series of successful exits, Chris launched Reach Platform Inc. with the vision of making blockchain development accessible.

Jay McCarthy
CTO & Co-founder

Jay received his PhD in Computer Science from Brown University. he is a full-time academic computer science researcher; starting at Brigham Young University, to Vassar College, and currently at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Shanthi Purushotham
Managing Director

Shanthi oversees Reach’s overall operations. Previously, she spent a decade implementing and managing multi-million dollar international health programs globally. Shanthi is driven by blockchain’s potential to reshape the status quo and make the world a better place.

Estefania Ochoa
Head of Sales

Estefania have been overseeing teams for over 10years and focused on growing revenue in various industries from art to technology. Her background in art has made her attentive to detail, and her focus on sales allows for her to show top tier care to her clients.

Dan Burton
Director of Engineering

Dan has been in the professional software development industry for 10 years, including experience writing code at Google and in the financial sector.

JP Miller
Head of DevEx

JP cofounded a digital marketing and web design agency shortly after learning to code. He’s spent the last 7 years developing STEM and career service programs that have helped thousands of students and professionals level up their skills to secure work in STEM professions.

Brandon Rodriguez
Head of Growth

Brandon works with startups, to build all things blockchain. Prior to this Brandon spent almost a decade in the Bay Area working for Intel, Visa, and Samsung in various marketing and partnership roles.

Cassandra Pernia
Head of Product

Cassandra is a product and growth leader with 12+ years across payments, ecomm, community and blockchain. A big advocate of product discovery and design thinking, she believes in user centric products and is ex: Goldmam, American Express, Macy’s and Jet.com/Walmart.

Nina Klymenko
Head of Design

Nina has spent the last 15 years working in the creative and IT industry. Her experiences and background are very diverse and include not only design but also technical and business skills.

Develop Unlimited Ideas

Case Study: Learn how web3 company, XBacked, saved over 80% in development costs!

The big picture success of blockchain requires a transparent understanding of the costs of developing blockchain applications, or dApps, as well as analysis of tools that can reduce those costs in order to increase overall dApp development. 
By drastically reducing the cost of blockchain development Reach is lowering the cost of verification and the costs traditionally associated with experimentation in Web3 development.
Market Places
Stable Coins
Decentralized Exchanges
Lending & Yield Farming
DAOs & Governance

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