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Reach is a high-level web3 language that’s built syntactically like JavaScript, so you feel right at home. Enabling full stack developers to learn in 6 weeks or less, and build fully functioning DApps from scratch.

Smart Test Environment

Smart Test Environment

Our Devnet enables you to test your smart contracts and debbug live, without needing to deploy a new smart contract everytime. Reach imitates ETH, EVM’s and ALGO testnets on your computer.

Verified and Optimized Code

Verified and Optimized Code

Reach autoformal verification authenticates that funds won’t be locked in a contract and validates whether participants and front-ends are honest or dishonest.

Multi-chain Compatibility


Reach EVM and Multi-Chain capabilities allow you to build your DApp once, and then deploy to the blockchain of your choosing.

Documentation to build your first web3 App!

Open source language for mainstream adoption.
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