xBacked, a Decentralized Stablecoin DAO for Algorand

xBacked is a DAO building a decentralized, permissionless stablecoin backed by ALGO and xUSD.

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Humble, bringing DeFi accessibility for everyone

Humble is a decentralized finance service. Allowing you to swap tokens, earn interest, or farm anywhere in a secure way.

Nettle Labs, crypto payments orchestration for doing good

Nettle is a payment network that enables merchants to plug-in and accept and reward in crypto to customers worldwide.

Zestbloom, digital asset exchanges on the Algorand blockchain

ZestBloom is a next generation Digital Media marketplace seeking to offer a brand new way of experiencing Crypto Art.

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Flemish Giants, bringing collectible NFTs to the Algorand blockchain

Flemish Giants is a hand drawn series of NFTs on the Algorand blockchain, with over 3,369 to collect and share.

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