Welcome to an event for everyone, newbies and web3 ninjas alike!

For real, we are taking NYC during NFT NYC and ETH NYC to unblock the blockchain. So if you have an idea, wanna become a web3 dev, are a web3 dev, or are just curious what the blockchain has for you.

THIS. IS. IT. Join the Reach fam as we take New York!

Reach is a blockchain development platform that helps developers learn web3 development. Reach has helped thousands learn web3 development in less than two months, and enabled them to build and launch their own interoperable DApps in a matter of weeks.

And we have plenty for you!

Date: June 20th

Place: Neue House

Madison Square Garden, New York City
110 W 25

RSVP today!

Project Completion
Write an article describing your project (including a review/testimonial of Reach as a language, compiler, and deployment tool). Our team can help you draft and tweak your post.
Join a Zoom call with the Reach team to discuss the hack and your thoughts on the platform once your project is complete. The call will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel.
Choose One
Turn your program into a Reach workshop (with a pull request).
Turn your program into a Reach tutorial (with a pull request).

Prizes and Incentives

There are a few key things to note post hack. The first is Saturday, April 30th. On this day, you will be able to vote for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. Voting will be live for 48 hours, from 3:00 PM SAST, Saturday, April 30th to 3:00 PM SAST, Monday, May 2nd.The community choice award can be voted on Wednesday, May 4th 12:00 AM to Thursday, May 5th 11:59 PM.