Bounty Hack

Decentralized Umoja #3

Starts on July 19th

Welcome to web3!

in Partnership with Africa Blockchain Alliance & Algorand Foundation

What is Decentralized Umoja III?

Decentralized Umoja III is the agile and fast paced hackathon that will allow African developers to get into web3 and blockchain development.

Who should join? 

The hackathon is open to all developers with any level of experience in software development. Web2 developers who are looking to make the transition to Web3.

Reach mirrors JavaScript syntax and enables you to focus on business logic and compile to any protocol without a code change.

When does the event start?

The program will run from July 19, 2022 to September 15, 2022 and will give participants the opportunity to learn and build blockchain projects. There are a range of prizes (up to $6,000) to be won for participating including a $1,000 prize for simply completing the program.


1st Prize: $3,000

2nd Prize: $2,000

3rd Prize: $1,000

Deadline: prizes and incentives are paid out in USDCa* for participants in the United States and in ALGO internationally. Reach and Algorand jointly reserve the right to refuse payment of prizes and incentives to apps which fail to meet completion requirements.


Project Completion
Write an article describing your project (including a review/testimonial of Reach as a language, compiler, and deployment tool). Our team can help you draft and tweak your post.
Join a Zoom call with the Reach team to discuss the hack and your thoughts on the platform once your project is complete. The call will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel.
Choose One
Turn your program into a Reach workshop (with a pull request).
Turn your program into a Reach tutorial (with a pull request).

Prizes and Incentives

There are a few key things to note post hack. The first is Saturday, April 30th. On this day, you will be able to vote for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. Voting will be live for 48 hours, from 3:00 PM SAST, Saturday, April 30th to 3:00 PM SAST, Monday, May 2nd.The community choice award can be voted on Wednesday, May 4th 12:00 AM to Thursday, May 5th 11:59 PM.